Best Home Theater Popcorn Machine

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There is nothing like the cozy feeling of going to a movie and getting freshly popped popcorn. Now you can have the nostalgic movie theater excitement at home with a home theater popcorn machine.

Theater popcorn machines are great for family movie nights. If you have a home theater the entire family will love the enhancement of a real movie theater popper in your home.

Adults will also appreciate the ambiance and smell of freshly popped corn during an adult movie night. Another clever use of this popper is to enhance a kid’s movie night or afternoon. You would be surprised how much you can get done when the kids are entertained watching Disney movies.

Paragon TP-8 Theater Pop 8-Ounce Popper Popcorn Machine

This popper is on the high-end side and is one of the better theater style popcorn popper machines. You can place this popper on any table or counter or even get an old fashioned popcorn machine cart if that is the look you are going for.

This bright red cabinet with classic graphics will bring a real movie theater experience to your home movie theater. This popper features a hard-coat anodized aluminum kettle, a built-in 50 watt warming deck to keep popcorn hot and fresh, and an old-maid drawer to catch unpopped kernels.

This machine makes popcorn in 3-5 minutes and can produce 147 servings per hour. So it can serve double duty and be used to entertain the neighborhood kids or used for making treats like popcorn balls.

  • Movie theater style with classic graphics and bright red cabinet.
  • Produces theater quality popcorn within minutes.
  • Suitable for retail use.
  • Pops 147 one-ounce servings per hour
  • Aluminum kettle
  • Warming deck.
  • Old-maid drawer.
  • Measures 29 1/2 by 19 3/4 by 14 1/4 inches.
  • 3-year warranty.

Great Northern Popcorn 6010 Roosevelt Top Antique Style Popcorn Popper Machine, 8-Ounce

The Great Northern theater style popcorn popper is another great choice. It has that old-timey antique look and looks great on a cart or a counter. This machine in not only affordable it gives you that old time feel with modern popping technology.

Commercial quality machine featuring stainless steel food-zones and an easy clean stainless steel kettle. There is a heated warming deck and an old-maid drawer for those unpopped kernels. There is also a storage compartment for popcorn bags and supplies. A popcorn scoop and oil scoop are also included.

Customers have said this popper pops fast and cleans up easily. You can use the premixed popcorn machine popcorn packs or just add a tablespoon of coconut oil and 1/3 cup of popcorn and go from there.

  • 3 position control switch.
  • 860-watt.
  • Settings include: spot light warmer, stirrer, and pot heater.
  • Built-in warmer light.
  • Old-maid reject tray.
  • Popcorn scoop and oil scoop included.
  • Stainless steel and powder coated steel construction.
  • Cleans up with water.
  • Makes 3 gallons of popcorn per batch.
  • Some assembly required.

Great Northern Popcorn 6210 POPHEAVEN Commercial Quality Style Popcorn Popper Machine with 12-Ounce Kettle

Here is another winner from Great Northern. This commercial quality popper is a more modern style with a blue and gold musical theme. It has a large 12-ounce kettle and can be used for large gatherings or movie nights.

This Pop Heaven popper has a 1350-watt kettle that cooks popcorn fast. The larger size also holds more popcorn. The kettle and food-zones are also easy clean stainless steel. There is an old-maid drawer and the oil scoop is included. There are 3 switch settings that include spot light warmer, stirrer, and pot heater.

  • Spot light warmer, stirrer, and pot heater switches.
  • All metal gearbox.
  • Kernel and oil scoop included.
  • Heavy-duty powder coated steel and stainless steel construction.
  • 1350- watt (commercial quality and certified)

Great Northern Popcorn Black Antique Style Popcorn Popper 6092

This movie theater popcorn popper is an antique style with tempered glass sides. This popper features stainless steel and heavy-duty powder-coated steel. The 8-ounce kettle operates at 860 watts.

Features also include the old-maid drawer, included kernel and oil scoop, and an all-metal gearbox. The 3 position switch offers spot light warmer, stirrer, and pot heater. This little machine makes about 1 gallon per batch.

These are nice looking home theater popcorn machines and most customers have been happy with them. Some people have had issues with the kettle burning out, but the manufacturer should be able to replace it if you are one of the unlucky ones that this happens to.

  • Switches include: spot light warmer, stirrer, and pot heater
  • All metal gearbox
  • Kernel and oil scoop is included, 5-year warranty on machine and 30 days on kettles, light bulbs
  • Heavy-duty powder coated steel and stainless steel construction
  • 860-watt (commercial quality and certified)

Great Northern Pop Pup Countertop Popcorn Popper

The Pop Pup is a fun counter top option. It pops less and costs less, but it still offers that fun movie theater style look, taste, and smell. It makes a gallon of popcorn per batch in the stainless steel kettle with a built in stirring system.

There is a warming light, and a pull out plastic tray for serving popcorn or cleaning the tray. You can use a prepackaged 2.5 oz popcorn kit or your own oil and popcorn with the included measuring spoon and cup.

This offers a fun retro movie style popcorn experience on a smaller scale. It’s plastic, portable, looks cute, and makes great popcorn! This is a great countertop option. We also talk about poppers with carts and popcorn machine carts.

Olde Midway Commercial Popcorn Machine Maker Popper

Here is a commercial option by Olde Midway. This professional popcorn machine is available in red or black. It also comes with a popcorn scoop, salt shaker, 1/2 cup measuring cup, and tablespoon for measuring oil.

It’s made with heavy-duty stainless steel and has 1300 watts of power. The 12 ounce kettle makes 5 gallons of popcorn per batch. It has the three switch design with warmer, stirrer, and pot heater. The glass is tempered to safeguard against scratching and warping.

There is a built-in warming light to keep that 5 gallons of popcorn fresh and warm. There is also a reject kernel tray to help serve the perfect batch. This is just another option if you want something a little more substantial.