Plastic Popcorn Containers

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Nothing makes your movie theater popcorn experience more authentic than fun red and white popcorn containers. The nice thing about plastic popcorn containers is that they are reusable and hold up pretty well.

You can help the environment a little and still create a festive movie or party experience with reusable plastic popcorn containers.

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Plastic Popcorn Containers (6)

Here is a set of 6 plastic popcorn containers. These buckets are about 7 ¼ inch tall and are a 3.5” square. They hold quite a bit and help set the mood.

Reviewer’s opinions ranged from durable and dishwasher safe to flimsy and cheap. Others complained about the shipping with some arriving cracked and the product having tape and stickers stuck to the actual product.

These look nice and seem affordable, but they are just plastic popcorn containers.

Plastic Popcorn Tub – 8.5″ Square, 3 Pack by Greenbrier

These tubs have a graphic similar to the first one. Most reviewers thought these were decent quality and there weren’t any complaints about the shipping.

These tubs are a larger 8.5 inch square. The size and shape is probably better for applying toppings and for sharing. These come in a 3 pack and most reviewers thought they were pretty good.

Set of 8 Popcorn Plastic Container Box Tub Bowl

Here you get a set of 8 plastic popcorn containers. These are 7.75” tall and 3.75” inches square. These have a nice red & white striped design with the words pop and corn on the front.

The shipping on these wasn’t the best and they seem cheaply made. Too bad, because kids love these things. Presentation says a lot when it comes to food and these can make popcorn a real movie night treat.

Whatever options you choose a fun popcorn container can make your movie night or event a little more festive. Reusable plastic containers or fun popcorn themed bags or cups can be a great addition to your event. They make things more fun whether you are using a stovetop popcorn maker or a movie theater popcorn popper.