Popcorn Supplies for Popcorn Machines

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All right now that you have your home theater set-up, complete with a home movie theater popcorn machine, it is time to accessorize.

Using a plastic cup to serve your popcorn just doesn’t look right. Your professional set-up needs a professional scoop. Once you have the scoop, you don’t want the kiddies just holding out their hands to get some popcorn. Here are a few popcorn supplies for popcorn machines that might help put the finishing touches on your popcorn experience.

Paragon Stainless Steel Popcorn Scoop

This stainless steel popcorn scoop by Paragon is professional quality. Whether it’s a help yourself home theater night or you are serving popcorn at the block party or school carnival, this scoop will keep those bags filled.

This scoop has sharp edges to get stuck popcorn out of the sides of your machine. It also has holes so any unpopped kernels will fall through to the bottom of the machine and not end up in your serving bags.

Some complaints about this scoop is that the edges are sharp and that a curved handle would be more ergonomically correct for this right-handed scoop.

Paragon Plastic Popcorn Scoop

Sharp edges aren’t a problem with this yellow plastic scoop. This scoop holds about 2 ounces and works great for filling small bags or plastic popcorn containers.

Tell mom to put that kitchen spoon away, we use the plastic yellow scoop for our popcorn scooping needs. The bright color is fun and adds some cheer to your already fun filled event or evening.

Adcraft Mirror Finish, Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Scoop with Contoured Handle

This scoop might be the best of both worlds. It is an aluminum scoop that doesn’t have sharp edges and isn’t plastic. It also has a curved handle to make bag filling a bit easier.

This scoop holds about 5 ounces and can meet most of your scooping needs. It is not dishwasher safe, but it is multi-purpose. It can be used for scooping popcorn, candy, flour, or whatever else needs scooping.

Great Northern Popcorn Company 1-1/2-Ounce Duro Bag Popcorn Bags

For the more patriotic popcorn eater these red, white and blue popcorn bags will do the trick. These are 1 ½ ounce bags, although some reviewers thought they were large.

These bags are pinch bottom bags, so they don’t stand on their own. You get a case of 500 of these, so you can decide whether it’s a good deal or not. Some reviewer complaints were that they seem to be cheaply made and cost less at wholesale stores as opposed to online.

Popcorn Measuring Cups Kit

You can use regular measuring cups to measure your popcorn, but these work better because they are popcorn measuring cups.

The popcorn measurements are usually 3 parts popcorn to 1 part oil. These cups are marked perfectly for the oil and popcorn in a 4, 6 or 8 ounce machine.