Popcorn Tubs and Buckets

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There are a lot of ways to serve your popcorn, from an old fashioned bowl to special containers for popcorn. We have plastic popcorn containers, popcorn bags, and popcorn tubs and buckets.

Here a few fun options to make your party or movie night authentic and fun.

Set of 3 Fun Movie Theater Style Plastic Popcorn Tubs

Here is a set of 3 popcorn tubs. Even though, they look like the cardboard tubs from the movie theater these are actually reusable plastic. These are 7.75” tall and 8” in diameter. These are wide enough that friends and family members can split a tub.

These tubs got high review on usability and appearance. These can be the perfect thing to make your movie night extra fun.

West Bend Popcorn Bucket

West Bend has a nice selection of popcorn buckets. These are reusable plastic and have a nice looking red, white, yellow & black graphic.

These also come in a convenient selection of 1 quart, 3 quart, or 7 quart size. These are sold as singles, so you can choose the sizes and quantities that you need.

Unfortunately, some reviewers found these flimsy and overpriced. West bend also offers a 10 pack of pop-up card board boxes. These look like they would be good, but I might stick with the previous option.

85 Ounce Disposable Popcorn Buckets

These are the same paper type buckets you find at the movie theater. You get fifty 85 ounce buckets. These are coated to absorb grease and hold up longer. Some reviewers reuse them and everyone seems to be happy with these.

These are colorful movie time popcorn buckets and they can add a little bit of flare to your get together. These are especially handy if you have a home theater popcorn machine.

 Popcorn Boxes

These are cardboard popcorn boxes that remind me of the plastic popcorn containers. I guess this is the original. These come in a 10 pack and the dimensions are 6″X4.25″X4.25″.

These received positive reviews on price and usability. They seem to add that certain something to birthday parties, movie nights and any even where fun nostalgic popcorn boxes would be useful.